What is lay betting?

Lay betting is betting on a result to lose. It’s like saying for example “I bet you won’t get a bullseye” and if they don’t make the bullseye you win the bet. This type of betting is extremely popular on horse races as the favourite doesn’t always win. Click here to watch a short video on lay betting.

What does Lay The Loser do?

Lay The Loser is a premium betting service, we use statistics and certain conditions to predict results. Over the past year we have had great success in this winning tens of thousands of pounds in profit for our subscribers.

How does this all work?

Once subscribed we will email you every morning before 11:00am our tips of the day. Usually three tips are emailed daily with majority of the time all three tips winning. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity! Once the tips are received pop over to your betting exchange and place your bets.

What staking plan should I use?

Staking is a massive part of successful betting! You could have 99% winning tips and still lose your entire bank! Everyone’s tolerance to risk is different and no one staking plan will work for everybody.


Fixed Liability

Fixed liability staking is when you set the max liability to a certain amount. We recommend when starting off to use a liability of around £20-30. 


Loss Chasing

Loss chasing stake plans consist of you personally setting a daily target and betting until you reach that target, we recommend starting off with a target around £10-15. When the tips are emailed to you in the morning place a bet on the first tip to win you £10. If this bet wins STOP, you have made your target, if this bet loses bet on the second to win £10 + the stake you lost in the first bet. As long as 1 tip wins throughout the day you will make your target, we have never had a day where all tips have lost!

Why are the odds in the email different to that on Betfair?

Lay betting odds are extremely volatile based on the money entering the market and because of this odds can drift. We base our tips on the BBC SP odds, this allows us to get a rough idea of where the odds will be around race time.

We recommend either placing the bets are close to the race time as possible to give the best odds or placing the bets in the morning by setting the lay odds to of that in the email, but this may mean the horse doesn’t get matched.

Can I ask a different question?

Sure! Click here